Saving Face

Sleep. Don’t even get us started. 

We’re beginning to forget what the word means since we get so little of it - with people left, right and centre telling us that we should be getting a peaceful 8 hours of the stuff every evening, we’re looking at what we can do to drift off into a skin renewing haze.

Disconnecting is a good place to start - between the Instagram, twitter and Facebook notifications and the strange desire for some to send work emails at 11pm (seriously, why?), it’s hard to detach from your phone. The backlighting on all your tech also inhibits your eyes from adjusting to the darkness and thus keeps you awake for longer. Also, the added stress that you might not have tagged your Prada tote in your latest Insta upload could stop your ability to relax and drift off (serious issues over here only).

Try adding a good regular workout to your routine; as well as tiring you out and making you sleepy, it’s proven to give you a longer and more restful nights sleep - but try and limit it to at least a few hours before you retire, as your body only tires in the period in which it cools down.

Try nailing down your routine. We know it can be harder in practice but having a set routine (and time if possible) for bed will allow your brain to distinguish when it's time to wind down. Try reading in dim lighting half an hour before and see if it helps to remedy your restless nights.

Aside from the fact that we can't get to sleep (hopefully that will be fixed with the above steps), we now have the added worry of night time ageing to think if daytime ageing wasn't thrust upon us enough. Sleep is on the whole good for your skin; the time when we're asleep awakens our skin to a whole evening of cell renewal, however there are things that can further the healing process and some preventative measures to stop the negative effects.

One of the easiest things is to think about your sheets - your pillow more specifically. You may not think it the surface you sleep on can contribute to premature ageing however sleeping on your side on certain fabrics creases the skin, which is just not ideal over the span of 50 years. Instead choose to sleep on a silk Slip - the delicate fabric stops tugging on the skin and the purely woven fabric is especially gentle on hair, preventing hair loss and maintaining moisture.