Now's the time for luxury toothpaste

Lebon 2.jpg

The last thing that comes to mind when we think toothpaste, is luxury. As far as health care goes, we own every other luxury product used to preen ones self (not that we don't own toothpaste) but toothpaste never really seemed to need an alternate - until now.

We didn’t think luxury toothpaste would ever be a thing. Luxury keyrings, pointless but sure, high-end umbrellas, why not be a little extra - but after Supreme made a brick and Vetements started selling what is basically a snuff spoon (coke necklace), the sky is the limit.

Although luxury toothpaste may seem like a frivolous purchase, it’s the brands ingredients and ethics that we’re more interested in. (and the super pretty deco packaging)

We’ve always been one to try and take the natural/ethical route when possible (minus Fendi’s red leather thigh highs, because they're as essential as food), so discovering a fabulous alternative to Colgate was just another step in us becoming natural goddesses (at least in our own heads).

Lebons toothpaste is eco-friendly, organic and vegan, free from parabens, fluoride and titanium dioxide (and whilst we may not know what all of those things are exactly, we know they’re not good). To be completely extra, it’s made with ethical ingredients and perfumed with scents from Grasse (Chanel source their scents there).


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