The new year commandments

As we near the new year, we’re giving in to the tradition of looking at resolutions. Only this year, we’re approaching them more as commandments - assured things that we want to do for ourselves to become better in the new year.

Here’s our list... (99).gif

Start writing things down/organising

It might seem like a trivial suggestion (and something you should have already mastered by at least the age of 25) but writing things down, whether that be in a notebook, calendar, organiser etc is imperative to organising your life. If you do it for no other reason than you don’t want to be ‘that’ friend that forgets everything than that should be it. (As we were writing this, we forgot an idea for another article…why? because we didn’t write it down)

Top tip: If you randomly strike genius in the middle of the night, voice noht it in a message to yourself, and then write down your genius in the morning, you’ll thank yourself later, even if the person sleeping next to you won't.

Stop saying ‘lol’

You’re an adult now and the last thing you need when trying to woo anyone is a limp ‘lol’ hanging at the end of every sentence. Be assured enough in what you’re writing to own it with confidence. ‘Lol’ should have died years ago.

Take care of yourself

Whether that be by expanding your skincare routine or honing your gym workout, you need to start thinking about what you do to your body and face and making the best decisions for you. 

Find skincare that works for your skin and be religious with its application, because you want delicately handsome crows feet in the future, not ditches so deep you’re running into Mr Ramsay territory. 

Then sort out your gym routine. If you’re not a member, become one (now) and vow to increase both your knowledge and fitness in the new year, it’s never something you’ll look back and regret.

Refine your life.

The first area we thought about as we wrote this was your wardrobe. No doubt you were laden with beautiful cashmere crew necks this Christmas, so have a thorough sort out of your closet and throw out anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months (seasonal appropriate) or anything that’s showing excessive wear and tear.

For bonus points do the same with your beauty routine.

Stop wasting time.

This one may seem broad for some of you, but just take a second to think about all the ways you possibly waste time - whether that be by spending time with people you don’t really want to, wasting evenings binge watching something when you could be being proactive or losing entire weekends to benders that leave you looking like you have jaundice on a Monday morning. 

Stop apologising and use your time wisely.





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