The new florals taking over your home this spring

There is something so refreshing about experimenting with a new fragrance and just like every year, every season means a new scent, and that should be no exception in your home. 

Whilst familiar scents can evoke fond memories, new fragrance in your home can change both your mood and the feel of your space, especially as we welcome sunshine and fresh air back into our homes. 

Whilst some like to change to a heavier scent, it’s the usual ritual to return to flowers that thrive in the spring and introduce that delicate feeling of lightness into your home. That’s why we’ve been on the hunt for at the very least a new candle, to burn on those spring evenings, that will prolong the feeling of summer right until autumn.

This spring we’re looking to florals. Yes, we know, florals for spring, groundbreaking (if you don’t get that reference we’re harshly judging you). Florals may not be the most revolutionary of things for the gateway to summer however it’s the new florals that we’re looking to. The way that the likes of Rose and Jasmine have been reinvented to no longer evoke the thought of your grandmas house (it may be nostalgic but it’s not something we want to live with) and carefully refined to become delicate individual scents peppered with heady notes of leather and birch, bringing you the new florals.

The Rose D'Orient scented candle from Ideo Perfumers is the perfect example. A mix of roses from Turkey and Grasse (the worlds capital of perfume), combined with oud and amber, it is both rich in florals but with a beautiful lightness. Another favourite is the Byredo 'Burning Rose' - handmade in France, rose petals are blended with Violet and Leather for a smoky blend. The dark hand blown glass makes it perfect for a masculine take on the scent.


LifestyleZak Walton