making a case for statement accessories

There’s a certain attitude that comes with wearing black on the daily and although it is eternally, and effortlessly chic; after you’ve tried every combination of the shade, it can become a little, boring.

Now, as we fellow head-to-toe black pioneers know, there’s no chance you’re jumping straight from all-black to a pair of red jeans in one fell swoop, but there’s one way you can introduce a little pop of colour without a complete wardrobe overhaul. One word, accessories.

But don't ditch your black layers yet - instead head for bright, colourful accessories in the form of acid bright phone cases, monster card holders and bold patterns to inject some colour. That way you’re not committing to a full outfit overhaul, just a cheeky wink to your look.

After welcoming a print explosion under the reign of Alessandro Michele, the first place we ran was Gucci, for an update of their monogram in the form of the Bengal IPhone case - still relatively subdued for those who are particularly offended by colour, we were swayed by its feminine influence and trailing tiger, a sure fire way to get street style snapped.

If however you’re looking for a slightly punchier pop of colour, then London-based accessories brand Chaos should be your first stop. Created by stylists Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall, it’s loud IPhone cases emblazoned with huge pills, the word blah or ugh! (so appropriate for basically every situation) or personalised with your own initials, they're the perfect way to add acid brights to your daily apparel. The fact that we could just hold up our phones to display our distain is an even bigger bonus too.

Aside from phone cases, it’s good to look towards other items usually confined to function and explore how designers are reinventing them. Fendis bag bugs are a great way to add a dash of fun to an outfit, however, if like a lot of people you’re not feeling a pendulous piece of fur suspended from your bag, then their leather accessories are much more of an easy introduction to the trend. Their bag bug appliqué wallets and card holders are just the right amount of whimsy and perfect to sit in the back of your Instagram lunch shot (don’t judge, we know you were thinking it).