It's about to get personal


Gone are the days when monogramming arose connotations of your grandfather sniffling into his hankerchief and we're introduced to a new era where painting your initials of your personal goods is basically the chicest fast track to modern luxury.

Think about it, what is more chic than taking your Burberry backpack and emblazoning it with your initials or taking in the scent of your Le Labo Rose 31 every morning, from a personalised bottle? Exactly nothing. There's something a little extra and maybe a tad ostentatious about the idea that ones things must bear the name of their owner but if you're already sporting looks from SS17 Gucci then subtlety is not something you have to worry about.

There should be certain rules when it comes to monogramming (although at this moment in time we want our names painting across everything we own), firstly the number of things. Try to limit it to one piece clothing and one main accessory - sporting your name visibly on every piece of clothing your wearing could bring up images of a toddler in pre-school rather than that of a chic sophisticate bound in luxury. However when it comes to smaller accessories such as wallets, folios and diaries we're totally onboard with our little gold initials reminding us how extra we are on a daily/minutely basis.

Most luxury companies now offer a monogramming service at a minor cost however if you're looking to invest completely you can always enlist a special service to personalise your goods.


our top 8 monogrammed picks

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