How we're doing bronzer in 2017

As much as we love a golden tan, we like the idea of sizzling to a crisp on a sunbed for a week much less. That’s not to say we don’t want the vacation (we really do), we just don’t want to reverse the preventative ageing measures we invest far too much money and time in to rewind them all within a week. Whilst bronzer is nothing new to any of us (maybe to some of you guys out there), this time of year is perfect for looking towards investing in a staple bronzer that can set you up for a natural glow throughout the season.

The tips to applying this year are to look at where the sun would naturally hit your face, giving you a more sun drenched look than accentuating the deepest hollows of your face. This trick is especially good for the guys that want it to look super natural and can prove extremely youthful to both (women who are especially handy with makeup can dab on some faux freckles for an extra sun kissed look).

For you guys looking to delve into the world of cosmetics, look for a bronzer that has no shimmer - it’s hardly going to look natural if the perimeters of your face are sparkling like the sun. 

Here’s our top picks for a natural tan this summer.

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