The best illuminators for spring/summer 17

A good highlighter should offer a sheer wash of diffused light on the high points of the face, creating a soft focus that will make you look radiant and glowing. With the increase in brands creating the shimmering stuff, we’re taking a look at what we did wrong in 2016 and how we’re going to rectify it for spring/summer 17.

Last years highlighting was the work of extra terrestrial fantasy, and whilst we are partial to a high shine glow every now and again, the extremes are best left in-front of the editorial lens. This years approach to comes with a more sparse application, made to look like the face is flooded with light but not overly done. Think dewy, fresh and radiant - those are three words that we can get onboard with.

So we’re bringing you the 3 highlighters that will boost your beauty routine into new realms, just not extra terrestrial ones.

MAC Strobe cream 

This pearlised cream is perfect for those that want an understated, dewy glow. Apply alone after moisturiser, under makeup or mixed with foundation, the pearl based shimmer will make your skin resemble when you were last on holiday. For the perfect dewy look, use MAC’s face and body foundation and apply the cream to the high points make you look awake and hydrated.

Marc Jacobs glow stick 

This stick illuminator, unlike many of its powder competitors is universally flattering, allowing for it to be used on all skin tones, from the palest of alabaster to the deepest. It can be applied straight from the stick, however we prefer to dot a little of the Marc Jacobs primer on the top and work some product onto a brush - the effects when applied to the face are gentle but delightfully noticeable; making you look like you’ve just had 10 hydrating facials in a row. For an easy look wear on bare skin, groomed brows and apply to the tops of the cheekbones and temples.


For an illuminator that will hydrate and literally make you glow, the Burberry fluid base is the perfect choice. Infused with 55% water, it can be used alone, on the high points or as a mixing medium to create a gentle wash of product over the eyes. Bounce into the skin with a damp beauty blender for an extra dewy look.

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