Autumn Aura

What better way to herald the start of a new season than with a new fragrance

Cora 11.jpg

It can be a difficult move to switch from your signature scent to something more experimental for the season ahead, so as we’re introduced to the days of autumn, we’re looking for that perfect mix of 'Noht's' for a unique but captivating scent.

For summer we usually look for a clear scent; something bright and sharp to echo the warmth of the season yet moving forward we gravitate toward a scent that is headier and spiced, infused with the spirit of the season. One of our biggest frustrations is that lighter, floral scents can often be weak and insipid, with a punch upon first spritz, but fail to linger throughout the day, opposingly, scents we would incline toward for winter can be overly musky and obnoxious. leaving us yearning for the perfect balance.

Cora 12.jpg

Introducing 'The Cora' from Thameen.

Inspired by the beauty of The Cora Sun Drop Diamond, (the worlds largest yellow pear shaped diamond) Thameen took direct inspiration from the beauty of the stone to bring you your new autumn fragrance.

Based with notes of Patchouli and Amber to form a strong, warm base, and opened up with notes of Jasmine and Honeyed Wisteria, it's both striking and intense without being overly masculine. The unique addition of spiced nutmeg and white musk make for a fragrance we'll be looking to wear right through autumn/winter.

The compact size also makes it perfect for travel - we're thinking late summer in a secluded part of Santorini..