Art x Commerce: How the greats are influencing your A/W wardrobe

After Christopher Bailey announced his upcoming departure from Burberry earlier today, we're in somewhat of a reflective mood. Looking back at some of our favourite collections from designers come and gone, we were transported back to one of our personal number ones; Raf Simons debut couture collection for Dior - to quote Vogue 'Fashion had seen nothing like it for years'.

The way in which Raf took Dior's 'new look' and combined it with the works of contemporary artist Sterling Ruby created a collection that perfectly brought together Dior the architect, Raf the minimalist and the outre works of Mr Ruby. 

As the winter season approaches, we'll be in need or more evening wear than underwear, we're looking at the union between fashion and art and the best evening pieces for the season ahead.



The idea of modernity always comes to the forefront of the mind when looking at a Sterling Ruby painting - whether it's the modern use of graffiti or the depth of the palette that resonates so currently with todays backdrop, we're looking to how the designers have used similar themes for dramatic evening wear. 

When looking for pieces that evoke a similar mood look for fabrics and print that absorb the light such as velvet - the dark shades are the perfect backdrop to dramatic accessories and glittering jewels.




What better way to dress for the evening than in the image of Gustav Klimt's famous works - and what better shade to wear for the festive season than gold.

Look for texture and extravagance in the form of silk robes and crushed velvet evening gowns but don't stop there, pile shades on top of each other and finish with lavish jewellery. 



Gerhard Richter

As an artist who has 'explored the play between realism and abstraction', his works display an explosion of colour. Unlike Sterling's more diffused works, Richter's work shows a stronger line and bolder use of brights - take Noht of this and look for daring separates and interesting farbcis.

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