You need these statement shoes..

Something's got to get us out of this style rut - great shoes are always a good idea..


One minute it's raining and then it's snowing, then the people of the UK see a hint of sunshine and it's basically hot pants and crop tops. Basically, we don't know what's going on; is it a new ice age or will the sun eventually grace us with its presence? It's literally anyones guess at this point.

This week we're looking at 5 pairs of shoes we need to own for summer 18, from the best statement sandals to the new way to do boots and a fabulously futuristic update on the brogue.


We always try to invest in one good pair of sandals each year and with a few quality pairs in classic colours already stocking our wardrobes, this year we're looking to grab a pair that pack a punch. These Marni cross strap sandals are just the ticket for summer in the city and will work with everything from cuffed washed denim to super-short tailored shorts.

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Ok, they're as close as we actually want to get to the trend, because lets face it, the 'ugly dad sneaker' trend is f**king ugly. Many of you may love it  and good for you (you do you boo) but for us those things can stay in the early 90's along with the memories of other terrible fashions (we're yet to fully embrace the bum-bag). Instead these Valentino ones are crying out to be worn with a black tailored look as that perfect fashion-pop.

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Whilst many of you might pack away your boots for summer, we're looking for a pair to wear with tailored shorts and kilts for summer - these Church's x Vetements ones are debossed with the logomania that has been sweeping out entire existences lately and we're kinda here for them. Wear them with a white sports sock a la Marc Jacobs.

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Take the classic brogue, add a double sole and a rollerskater-esque velcro fastening and you've got Prada's latest shoe hit on your hands. We're going to wear these to the office with a pair of cropped suit pants and mismatched jacket and then with high-waisted black Comme Des Garcons shorts on the weekends, sans socks.

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So this might not be as thrilling as an embellished pink/green Valentino stretch-sneaker but for a pair of espadrilles it's pretty damn chic. The seventies vibe on these suede Fendi ones is asking to be taken full force in to the era with a wide leg printed pant snd crisp white shirt - or just worn with a great pair of speedos and some Saint Laurent yellow-lens sunnies.

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