Dude, what's with the pants?

C’mon now guys, it’s 2018.


There might have been a time when your loose, novelty boxers shorts were acceptable, but if you really think back to that time, it's most likely when the only people seeing them were the other 8 year olds in the PE changing rooms, or your mum.

Alas, moving forward 15 years and your stained, baggy, Superman boxers are literally the last thing any woman* (*or  any human being, dog, cat, animal of any kind) wants to see you in. It’s just really not sexy.

And by not sexy, we mean get away from us immediately or we will call border control and have you forcibly removed..from the country (it’s really a big deal).

Instead, refresh your drawers (in both senses of the word) and invest in some fresh pants heading into summer. Look for minimal styles with a cut that flatters your body (briefs are better to lengthen the legs or to accentuate athletic frames whilst boxers can be better to balance out thicker legs) and keep logos to a minimum.

try these for size...

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