We went furniture shopping..

Between the fabric choices, the sizing problems and the fact that everything only seems to come in either shades of acidic yellow or the blandest beige on the planet, furniture shopping is apparently a complete nightmare.

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We used to think shopping for furniture was a complete dream, because when you’re wandering aimlessly looking at shoes and spot a lamp or cushion you have to have, you feel like you’re living the dream, start looking for specific things however and you’ll realise the endless options, massive wait times and putrid colour-ways and the world is suddenly against you.

So to ease the blow for those of you out there who are seriously looking for furniture, we've rounded up a few new and vintage options that will satisfy your craving for great designer pieces.

The first item we were looking for was the sofa. With the size of the piece it's going to dominate a large area of the room so will therefore set the mood for the other pieces. A lighter sofa means that a chair can add more of statement and something in leather might mean a velvet chair would be better for contrast and depth.


Occasional armchairs like these should always make a statement in a room - retro details, textured fabrics or heading for a design classic means they won't fade away and will add real wow factor to a room. Retro and antique options are therefore perfect for this as you won't see them in other peoples houses and honey, do we love a unique piece.


When looking for side tables, we were on the hunt for something more occasional that could be moved around the room, sit in-front of an arm chair and act as more of a tray rather than something stationary with a lamp. Great metalwork and marble surfaces add that luxury touch.


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