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We don’t know what it is about this year, but we’ve just been dull since new years day. 2018 was meant to be the year of the glow up, but here we are looking dull af with nothing to show for it bad skin and a new hate for the term Veganuary.

When we saw dull, we’re not talking about our personalities. No honey, they’re (multiple, obvs) as out of control (in the best way) as ever - unfortunately we’re referring to our greying skin. Never in our lives have we looked so lacklustre - every makeup-less look in the mirror just reaffirms that drastic action must be taken. On a recent trip away we were reintroduced to an old time fave that with the sudden influx of great skincare, we’d left behind (so sad).

The Vitamin C Microdermabrasion from The Body Shop (we’re as shook as you are), firstly is only £18.00. Maybe we’re just overachievers when it comes to maxing out a credit card or maybe we have a problem (we prefer the former), but £18.00 for a skincare product that’s going to take us bad-skin-suzan to K-Middy in less than 5 minutes is enough to shake us to the very core.

Us the scrub once a week (followed with a nourishing face oil and rich moisturiser) and focus on massaging it on small sections of the face individually to make sure you get the most of the product. Scrub your whole face and neck and then leave the product on your skin throughout your shower and rinse off just before you dry.

The result, marble. I mean you’re literally going to look smoother than a Carrara marble countertop. Your face will be the Architectural Digest of skin, and you only spend 18 quid on it. Someone pass us a martini, this is too much for a Tuesday.

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