In defence of denim

It’s always the one thing we feel bad for repeating time after time - the same slim-fit pair that fit perfectly and make the rest of your pants look as though they’re hand me downs from a more rotund relative than new season gucci, or that denim chore jacket that just work’s so hard in your wardrobe that you feel like you should treat it more like a child than, well, your children - but it’s the one thing we’re doing wrong with denim that’s making us all feel like we’re serial outfit repeaters and that’s complacency. 

As someone who’s lived in black skinny jeans for a period of 2 years, it’s easy to understand how you can become so reliant on a certain style however this season we’re breaking the moulds in terms of denim and no longer feeling apologetic about wearing it all day, everyday (carefully) and basically whenever we feel like it.

The only difference this season is the variety of styles. From embellished and embroidered at Saint Laurent and Gucci to wide leg styles at Loewe, it's taken a turn for the bold and we're completely onboard. This summer you'll see us in striped Balenciaga jeans and embroidered Saint Laurent denim jackets, and that's just the day. Moving to the evening we'll be sporting printed Gucci denim with crisp white shirts and reflective shades, because more is more (is more is more).


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