4 bedtime grooming products that work

Prevention is better than a cure

There are two approaches that one can take when it comes to taking care of your skin, waiting till the wrinkles,dry skin and problem areas appear in order to treat them, or take precautionary measures before said fine lines appear, in a bid to delay the effects of ageing. 

Thankfully these days, it seems that the younger generation are taking the latter route and starting to treat their skin earlier, whether that's with an SPF in the day (thankfully included in lots of products) or simply using a night cream in the evening. Whilst it took us a while to realise that there isn’t one cream that works for everyone, or one that will do the hard work for us, resulting in skin like marble *sigh*, there are a multitude of products out there that will repair our skin once we drop our heads on the pillow, ready for an night of cell renewal.

Daytime healthiness may be one of the major components to acheiving beautiful skin (exercising, eating healthily, drinking ridiculous amounts of water), yet it can often be the steps we miss out at night that can stop our skin reaching its full potential. As we’ll soon be transitioning into a new season, meaning our skin will be going through a change too, we’ve rounded up a list of the skincare items that we’ve tried and tested and work bloody well for us - your skin will do nothing if not thank you.


the bedtime saviours

A new addition to our routines but slowly becoming a ‘can’t live without, must never run out of’ sort of product - the Aesop fabulous face oil is the perfect nourishing ingredient to take our skin on a fabulous renewal journey whilst we sleep. Two to three drops massaged over the face and beard, two to three times a week, it will help to deeply moisturise, tackle dry patches and renews the overall complexion of skin, thus stopping it looking dull and tired - an essential when the weather is changing.

If you can describe a beauty product as your ride or die, then the Clinique Anti-Blemish solutions clinical clearing gel is the one. Containing salicylic acid and applied when you see a blemish appearing (or when it’s already arrived if you weren’t lucky enough to get there early) and it will clear your skin and reduce redness and swelling around said pain in the ass. This is genuinely one of those products that you will want to carry around with you anywhere and everywhere because it’s perfect for an emergency.

Over the years we’ve tried and tested plenty of eye creams and failed to see any sort of result. The Sisley botanical eye and lip contour balm however shows a dramatic difference in the puffiness underneath the eyes, as well as reducing fine lines and making the delicate skin under your eyes feel all around dreamy. It can also be applied with moisturiser and used under cosmetics for those who want a little extra boost in the mornings.

There’s always a time when your skin just desperately needs a quick boost - when you feel like the underlying tones of your complexion have gone from radiant, to dull and grey. Our saviour? A good sheet mask. The Skin Laundry anti-ageing facial masks help to quickly inject your skin with the much needed moisture it’s clearly been lacking. The 19 skin conditioning extracts help to tackle the skins elasticity and firmness too. WIN! One of the major bonuses about a sheet mask (minus the no mess, who has time to spend 20 minutes peeling a super sticky mask off these days?) is that it only takes 20 minutes in total to pump all the goodness into your skin - look for one to match your skins needs so that it really feels catered to you.