The new year three-day workout plan

New year, new you, new gym routine…new way to fail 3 days in to the year.

Not this year.


The problem with vowing to get fit during the new year is that you probably haven’t got the faintest clue what you’re doing. Yes, some of you gym bunnies will simply be upping your routines post-turkey but for the complete novices out there, the gym floor can be a daunting place.

That’s why we’re looking to those few little handy tips that will get you started on your ‘new you’ this coming year.

When looking towards a new routine it’s important to look at days you’re going to work out and the different muscles you’ll use on each of those days - as I’m sure you’re all aware, there’s no use using the same muscles everyday because you’ll just expose yourself to injury.

The push/pull & legs rotation is a simple and effective way to divide the days and muscles you workout to ensure you hit everything as least once a week and don’t overstrain certain body parts.

This rotation works on the basis of you working out three days a week and having a rest inbetween each, giving your muscles time to rest.



As a newcomer to the gym you should focus on your form, learning this at the beginning means you reduce the risk of hurting yourself and get the most from all your muscles.

Your push muscles include your chest, shoulders and triceps and can all be grouped together on the first workout of the week. Try and use a range of free weights and machines to get the most of your workouts.


The pull muscles are your back and biceps so you try a range of exercises from the standard bicep curl to pull pumps and incline dumbbell rowing. When doing bicep curls be sure to correct your stance before starting the reps - your back should be straight, shoulders back and knees slightly bend. Lift the weights slowly to get the most from your reps and avoid swinging the weight.


Ah, leg day. The dreaded day for most but as the saying goes ‘you should never skip leg day’.

It should basically be illegal to skip this crucial group of muscles when working out. As well as evening out the proportions on your body, it also makes you look like you’re standing on more than meat skewers.

Range your leg workouts to include a mix of machine leg presses and calf raises, to free-weight squats and lunges, to work all of the muscles.

You can also add an extra workout that targets just your abs on leg day.



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