3 steps to dressing like a modern Jackie Kennedy

As we prepare to watch Natalie Portman portray one of the most iconic First Ladies in history (you too Michelle) and we watch on as Donald Trump and soon to be First Lady Melanie Trump move into the countries iconic position as leaders in the White House (think of that what you will *throws every type of side eye possible*), we're taking a look back at the icon of style that transcends time - Jackie Kennedy. 

Natalie's rumoured Oscar favourite performance of the First Lady of fashion has put us in the mood for the glamour, that echoed from the era when Kennedy she set the bar for glamour, setting an example as the face of a generation. 

Celebrities over the years have tried their hardest to mimic her stunning combinations and whilst a few of her looks (very few of them) may be better in the past, we're revisiting her style and looking at ways in which the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis will inspire us, both in action and in style (more so in style, one can't promise to be unhappy when dear Donald becomes the man behind the resolute desk).

We've analysed far too many of her iconic looks to decipher some rules to become the modern Jackie - not that it will be an easy feat but we'll try our hardest.

Don't be afraid of colour

Never one to shy away from a punchy colour, whether that be in block or print form, the former first was bold when it came to dressing. One of her looks, now know as 'The Jackie' was to become the image that defined history, head to toe candy pink courtesy of Chanel. Other notable hits include a bubblegum pink gown with bow detailing (don't forget the details when we're referencing Mrs Kennedy), a long sleeved yellow chiffon gown and a yellow square necked two piece, complete with a black velvet full skirt and elbow length opera gloves. The key to emulating Jackie when it comes to colour is to look for strong silhouettes in even stronger colours. This ruffled yellow Gucci gown is this seasons alternative to hers, with the modern bow of the moment; keep the hair chic and effortless with a contrasting earring - see below. 

One thing you think of when her name is mentioned is a great jacket. Take looks directly from sisters Miu Miu and Prada with their neat box jackets complete with rounded collars and encrusted buttons. The shape is a direct nod to a more classic time and paired with the right (minimal) pants, you're one step closer to becoming a Kennedy. 


As much as she wasn't afraid of a pop of colour, Jackie was equally punchy when it came to white. She nohtably wore a head to toe white gown with a floor length pull tie cape to the inaugural ball, so that she wouldn't fade into black on the photographs (the modern day version of this would be Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford at the 2012 oscars, a look which stole a thousand pages). As much as the term head-to-toe white is terrifying to those living in London, New York or equivalent, it can be surprisingly easy to wear on a daily, although Ubers are advised over public transport. The drape front cape from The Row is a great entryway into the world of white and paired with a tailored look and neat tote (again, see below for accessories) would screen nothing but uptown chic. 


Mrs Kennedy used accessories as compliments to her minimal looks, with many outfits belted at the waist to create a nipped in silhouette. A good place to start is a neat tote; a style Jackie was regularly seen in was a black top handle tote with a gold fastening - fast forward to 2017 and we have the update on the Gucci monogram tote. Other favourites of the first lady were printed silk scarfs, either tied nonchalantly around her neck or wrapped around her hair, they were used to add colour and inject print into her looks.

If you think of Mrs Kennedy towards the seventies, images of a Diane Von Furstenburg era of glamour are brought to mind, with one of her key accessories, the bug eye sunglasses. She always favoured a more transparent lens that you could see her eyes through, a style picked up now by Tom Ford as a nod to the time. Pair this with an open shirt and statement jewellery for a nod to her daring style.

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