The Beauty Top 10

Our essential list for flawless winter skin

We are perpetually (and relentlessly) looking for innovative ways to progress our skincare routine, yet sometimes it's about reviewing existing products, in preference of new ones.

It seems as though we are always working on the perfect routine, but the ugly truth to beautiful skin is that looking good is hard work. Inclement weather sees your skin stripped in winter, and blasted in summer, meaning your routine needs to change accordingly. However there are some basics that will stand the test of time, and if used at the right times will aid your skin to be the best it can be.

The beauty sector has boomed as of recent with the aid of Korean beauty and brands deriving from highly skilled dermatologists; meaning that skincare is becoming more of a fine art every day, with something for practically everything. As a result, we've decided to strip back our beauty routines and re-evaluate our top picks, bringing you the beauty top 10. A list of products that will work miracles on your skin or just help you to target that one troublesome area, making your routine seamless and your face renewed.

Unless you've been quite literally living under a rock lately, you won't have been able to even pass through a pharmacy or swipe down your Instagram feed to see a boom in sheet masks. Applied as little or as often as desired, they help to brighten and hydrate tired skin and unlike a traditional facial, don't leave your skin irritated or reddened; thus making them the ideal go-to for a quick fix before events or just for that extra boost. Verso's deep hydration mask contains patented artificial moisturising factor (AMF) which 'supports the skins ability to retain moisture for up to 120 hours'. Add this into your existing routine twice a week and you'll see a consistently brighter complexion.

Another product that's probably not in your routine unless you're a dedicated beauty fan is a facial oil. Oils are an amazing way to hydrate and luminise tired and dull skin, leaving you with dewy and a younger looking appearance. This blend by Linda Rodin was created after she was looking for something she could use herself, and blended in her home from 12 nourishing natural oils. The blend leaves your skin 'the best it can look naturally' in the words of Linda - this one is great for those of you that love a dewy fresh appearance.

One thing that is imperative all year round is a good scrub. Something gritty enough to remove dead skin but not too harsh that it aggravates the surface leaving it dry and irritated. The Dr Sebagh deep exfoliating mask is 'a combination of Azelaic and lactic acid that exfoliates dead layers of skin for a faster cell turnover'. Created by the man himself with an expansive career treating some of the worlds most famous faces; whilst perfecting 'ageing-maintenance', the mask polishes away the skin to leave your skin smooth and clean.

One thing many people forget about in their daily routine, yet is actually one of the most important things one can include in a regime, is sun protection. Yes a lot of brands now include an SPF within their products, but a vast majority still have no sun protection leaving your skin exposed to the harmful effects of ageing that comes along with overexposure to the sun. To combat this you should apply a high SPF sun screen to the face neck and décolletage after your skincare and before any cosmetics as a base layer, this protecting you daily from sun. The Heliocare advanced, contains SPF 50 and soaks into the skin without a sticky residue, leaving your skin smooth and protected and ready for other products. 

If like us at The Noht (and probably everyone who's not a Victoria's Secret Angel, although we're sure they get them too) you get small unsightly blemishes every once in a while, then having something to target them directly and essentially erase them is a must. The Clinique Acne Solutions clearing gel contains salicylic acid, an ingredient that is highly effective to reduce redness and treat acne-prone skin. Apply it as often as you like when you feel your blemish surfacing and it will keep away bacteria and hopefully stop your blemish emerging. 

One thing that can be difficult to encounter is a good eye cream. One that will help to target the puffiness we get around the eyes after too little or too much sleep, although it's usually the former. The Sisley eye and lip contour balm contains tomato phytostumulines and vegetable proteins which smooth and refresh the delicate skin around your eyes. An added bonus is that it works well when applied under makeup, making your morning routine all the more seamless.

Shop the beauty Top 10 below - If you have any favourite products that you've been using for years and think really work, send us a Noht and let us know so we can share.

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