His & Hers Fail-Safe Christmas Gifting Nohts

Significant others take Noht..

There is a definite art to gift giving; choosing something that will leave said recipient in a state of sheer delight is something that’s hard to do on the best of days - add to this the fact that most people now have seemingly everything and you’ve got a Christmas that’s more stressful than special.

Alas, fear not; we’ve assembled a list of the most fabulous gifts - with everything from sparkling Harry Winston earrings and embellished Dolce & Gabbana iPhone cases for her, to slick Tom Ford Chelsea Boots and the softest of soft cashmere sweaters for him. This is the list for those in your life that have everything and the only thing left that they could possibly desire, is on this list (and is truly spectacular). We’ve even thrown in some handy tips on how to give gifts like a pro, because it is Christmas after all.


To start off the process of gifting, it’s crucially essential to listen to the person you’re wanting to bestow a gift upon. It seems like a nonsensical suggestion but it is something many a gift-giver seem to forget. Around said period, they're most likely to be dropping hints on what they like or want, a helpful first tip. If however you’re close to the person it’s helpful to Noht down things they mention throughout the year that they like or are interested in. If someone shares a memory of a loved-and-lost item and then you gift them a replacement around Christmas time, you’re definitely going to be in the gift-giving-good-books.

For the gents this Christmas we’re looking towards luxury basics. A helpful way to identify what to gift the man in your life, is to look at what he already has and look at the current state of it - is his wallet falling apart at the seams or does his scarf resemble merely a few threads thrown around his neck?. He may look like he has everything but look at upgrading certain basics - a wash bag, wallet, scarf or gloves are always a good start.

Our top picks include the perfect pyjama style shirt from La Perla, great for wearing throughout the seasons; an update on the now iconic Gucci Princetown loafers and a Koons Taschen coffee table book, the ideal gift for art lovers and home decor enthusiasts.

Another good tip when looking for a gift is to have a clear budget in mind. Looking aimlessly with no clear price range in mind means you’ll usually end up looking for things way out of your price range, leaving you feeling like all other options are a pile of garbage, compared to your higher priced first choice. 

Our top picks for the ladies this season largely come in the form of jewellery. Fine and demi-fine jewellery are not just for the evening anymore, pair chandelier earrings with a sweater for a cool mix of high/low or wear your diamonds in the form of delicate eternity rings, just stack 5 or more on multiple fingers for added drama - our picks come in the form of Harry Winston chandelier earrings and a divine Repossi ring.

Little luxuries include Tom Ford lipsticks and the Olio Lusson by Linda Rodin - great little stocking stuffers. Alternatively choose small gifts and place them on table settings over Christmas lunch for thoughtful and personal favours at the dinner table.

Our other knockouts for the ladies include red velvet Prada pumps, the classic shape and mid-height heel means they're stylish and practical but the update in punchy velvet means they're perfect for the festive season.

If all else fails and you can’t fine something on this list that they could possible want, (or they simply have everything listed, in which case, who are they? Because they sound fabulous..?) then try sharing an experience together rather than a traditional gift. Weekends away whether close by or international, are always memorable gifts - and if you received some Harry Winston earrings whilst you're on said trip then so be it..

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