Demi-fine Jewellery: What to buy and how to wear it

We delve into who the demi-fine woman is and the new season pieces to invest in.

Come spring, the mood has always changed in our approach to dressing, gone are the shimmering gowns that lived only for the new year and we enter a new, more refined phase of dress.

Pieces becomes less of an event and more of a entryway into simplistic classicism. So as we try our hardest to bid a due to the frosty months, (as hard as they try to hold on), we’re looking forward to our new, cleaner wardrobe, and albeit not the traditional place to start, we’re starting with the accessories, jewellery to be precise.

As Net-A-Porter introduced a demi-fine category last fall, and ample jewels being the last thing we want to interrupt our minimal Celine knits with, we decided to delve a little further into what exactly demi-fine jewellery is and how and which pieces we’re going to be choosing this spring.

With costume jewels ever-present and fine jewellery as popular (and necessary) as ever, demi-fine takes the roll of middle man, acting as a hybrid between the two. With the idea to bridge the gap between fine and costume, demi becomes the less glitzy but still luxurious little sister, to the likes of Elizabeth Taylor style diamonds, allowing for luxury everyday.

Creative director of 77 Diamonds David Allen says "Investment in everyday diamond jewellery shows that not only does the modern women appreciate the sparkle, but she's savvy about it. These beautiful pieces show the world she's wisely purchased something that will not only last forever, but will maintain its value’. With a recent increase in women buying jewellery for themselves and looking for ways to invest in wiser purchases, we imagine this sector will become a go-to for stylish women that want to wear more expensive pieces on a day-to-day basis.

So what’s trending at the moment in the demi-fine category? David goes on to say "Current trends see jewellery inspired by the cosmos and the stars as increasingly popular. Twinkle like the stars by sparkling with a diamond. Rose gold is still maintaining stronger popularity than its yellow gold sister, but white gold and platinum are still the most commonly purchased metal choices”.

So who is the demi-fine woman? She’s the woman who has a great base in her wardrobe, not only the classics, but luxury versions of essential separates, meaning that her foray into demi-fine comes to elevate her current look. Said elevation coming in the form of contemporary gold (both rose and yellow) and silver bands, stacked for added drama, but never too much to look cluttered, and fine chains strung around the neck, peeking out from a cashmere knit. 

Say hello ladies (and gentleman with a trained eye) to your new best friend, demi-fine jewellery. Gone are the days of gauche plastic costume jewellery (at least for this season) and we’re entering into a new era of minimal, luxury pieces for the daytime.


WomenswearZak Walton