What's in this mans makeup bag?

We turn the tables and see what this gent uses on the daily to achieve perfect skin.

Ever since the age of 14 I've been wearing some sort of makeup (mainly because I had teenage ache and my sister basically told me I needed to) - since then I've gone full force and back on cosmetics and now reached a happy medium, consisting of a few key products that take around 5 minutes to apply and work seamlessly alongside my skincare routine.


 MAC Cosmetics Face and Body Foundation

This foundation is light enough that you can still see your natural skin texture but is also buildable enough that you can achieve more opaque coverage. For days when I just want an extra lift I’ll just apply a thin veil over my face (starting at the centre and blending out with my fingers) and add some bronzer roughly around the contours of my face - it’s the perfect dewy face product.



MAC Cosmetics Select Cover Up

For days when I want more coverage (whether that be for my under eye exhaustion or a breakout) I’ll head straight for select cover up. I’ve been using it for years and the formula is thick enough to cover up any discolouration and it blends really easily. If you’re on the drier side it might not be ideal but for those with oily skin like me, it works particularly well. 



MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Loose Finishing Powder

As I mentioned earlier, I definitely veer towards the oilier side, so a good powder that will soak up all the excess oil is mandatory - it also really helps to set the liquid products and prevent creasing. I apply a light layer after foundation application in a morning and then carry it with me throughout the day. It's also great for no makeup days to remove excess shine.

The bronzer

Tom Ford Soleil Bronzing Powder

Being possibly the palest person on the earth means a bronzer is another must to make me look anywhere close to alive - Tom Fords doesn't cling to dry patches so i apply it around the perimeters of the face to warm up my complexion.


Charlotte Tilbury Eyelash Curler

It might seem like the last thing a man would want to use on his eyes, but if, like me, you have hooded eyelids, it can leave you looking quite tired and 30 seconds on each eye will lift the lashes and open up your eyes, a winner all round.


BBrowBar Clear Eyebrow Gel

I've always had thick brows and that tends to mean they can get quite unruly - a simple brush through with this gel and they stay in place all day.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Lock Moisture Balm

Because dry lips are nobodies friend - plus this one contains SPF 15.


Le Labo Rose 31

An unusual take on a rose scent and it lasts all day (anything else rose scented usually makes me gag).

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