6 ways to kickstart your body transformation

Let this be the year that you stick to your new years resolution..

When it comes to our resolutions, getting fit/losing weight/staying in shape, or getting there in the first place, seems to jump to the highest priority. Alas, if the only thing changing your outlook on fitness is the calling in of a new year then its more likely that you’ll fail rather than succeed. Instead, start overhauling your lifestyle in small and savvy ways that will allow you to see the benefit of becoming a healthier individual - this spike in energy and wellbeing will change your viewpoint on fitness and thus becomes a healthier gateway to a ‘new you’. 

We’ve put together a list of a few smaller steps that will lead to a better you.

Book a personal trainer - 

A personal one-to-one training session can be just the ticket to kick start your motivation in the new year. As well as them showing you exactly what to do, making sure you do it correctly (a big plus) and often providing personalised meal plans, the money you’re throwing at them to overhaul said body, will be motivation enough to make you work for it.

New season, New seasoning -

Whilst eating salad and proteins everyday can be a great way to aid your weight loss, the lack of flavour you’ll experience within the second week will have you reaching for the carbs faster that you chowed down your Christmas dinner. Instead make sure to dress your foods correctly to avoid becoming bored with bland food almost immediately. But be careful, lots of dressings are high in fat and sugars, so instead do a little research and try mixing your own at home, some are as simple as 3 ingredients, that can help speed up your metabolism and keep your fitness journey on track.

Peer pressure -

Not something we usually condone, however the added stress/encouragement from a peer can help to push you to new limits you didn’t know you could reach, had you been becoming complacent at the gym. The added fact that you’ll have to schedule your workouts in advance will help to keep you on track.

Dress for the occasion -

Now, we’re not saying you need to go out and kit yourself head-to-toe in Nike, but there is nothing we hate to see more in the gym than someone thats rolled in, in the wrong attire (we’ve seen jeans, flip flops, wooly jumpers to name a few). Not only will you look like an idiot, (there’s no other way to word it unfortunately) but you’ll also risk injuring yourself, whilst at the same time being terribly uncomfortable. Buy a good pair of shorts, some sturdy running shoes and a few cheap t-shirts, that you can rotate to start off with and you’ll be well on your way. 

Find your beat - 

Music creates an energy when its being pumped into your ears and whilst slower tunes can make people cry, fast paced pop/electro music can aid your workout and put you in the mood for a great session. However if Celine Dion is the one getting you in the mood to workout then do whatever works for you!

Try a class -

A lot of gyms offer free classes when you’re signed up to monthly plans. As well as them usually taking place at the same time every week, they’ll show you a good range of full body workouts that you can use yourself during your own visits. A mixture of super-sets and high intensity workouts will allow you to sweat it out in an hour long session.


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