Sleep Nohts

For a practice that we look forward to at the end of every day (every morning and afternoon too), sleep can be awfully stressful. Too little and we're tired, haggard and nose diving quicker and quicker down the path that is ageing and too much sleep..said no-one ever. 

The virtues of a good nights rest are universally known, and whilst we've all heard about what a blessing a good 8 hours can be, it's no joke. When you're winding down for a peaceful rest, your skin is stirring for an even of cell renewal, meaning that sleep is not only important for your lifestyle, but for your beauty routine too. 

Now before you reach for the sleeping pills, there are a few non-medicinal things you can do to make your nights sleep a restful one. From beauty recommendations to sleep rituals, here are the things you can do to make your bedtime a sleepy one.

1. Unplug - Try to keep anything that shouldn't be in your bedroom, out. That means less checking emails in bed, no more reading on your iPad and no more paperwork between the sheets. Removing these things that are disassociated with sleep, will strengthen your association between bed and sleep - if you relate something negative to your sleep routine (answering work emails etc) then remove it from your routine, and watch your sleep anxiety melt away.

2. Take some you time - It's always a good idea to begin winding down a few hours before your bed time. A relaxing activity such as reading will help you relax and get into sleep mode; try and avoid iPads and laptops however as they emit light that wake up the brain, even if you're using it to read, they'll have the opposite effect. Your body only starts producing sleep including melatonin when there is little or no light in the room, artificial light from any modern gadgets will slow down the process of you getting to sleep.

3. Exercise - Britney once told us that 'you better workout bitch', or something along those lines, right? Regular cardio will help you have a more peaceful nights sleep, but ensure you leave a long enough window before your designated sleep time as your body only becomes tired during the time in which it cools down.

4. Keep to a schedule - Even when you're not at work it's good to keep a consistent sleeping/waking up cycle. Your body will get used to the times and it will promote a better sleeping routine.

5. Eat smart - You should be thinking about your eating habits on a daily basis anyways (your body is a temple and all that jazz) but it's especially important as it gets close to bed time. Avoid spicy or heavy foods that could cause stomach upset or vast amounts of liquid that will wake you up for the toilet every 15 minutes. Whilst a coffee is life saver in the mornings, it's a pretty well known fact that it helps to keep you awake, so limit the caffeine late afternoon.

6. Get comfortable - One of the simplest ways to change your sleep routine for the better is to make bedtime a luxurious experience. Ensure that your mattress is comfortable, your sheets are clean and soft and that your room is an appropriate temperature - because no-one ever had a relaxing nights sleep in a room thats either boiling hot or freezing cold.

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